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How Frankie Filled up his Lead Funnel

December 15 2020 By Nadine Butcher

Meet Frankie Financial Advisor  

Frankie is one of our customer avatars. We've looked into the future and predicted what would happen if he used our DigiCard. In this scenario, Frankie used DigiCard and WhatsApp to draw prospects into his lead funnel and convert them into satisfied new clients at a staggering low cost-per-lead. 

Frankie's Lead Challenge  

Frankie was great at closing out new business. He's passionate about helping new clients plan and work towards reaching their financial goals. 

He's a straight shooter who acts in the best interests of his clients, which is why they trust him implicitly. The problem is that Frankie needed at least twenty new prospects each month to build a sustainable advisory business. He struggled to divide his time between reviewing client portfolio's and marketing his services.

Another challenge he faced was finding a way to differentiate himself from other financial advisors in an over-crowded market. What could he do to stand out and grab people's attention so that they would take a closer look at his service offering? He needed a marketing tool that would not take up too much of his time, was affordable and that would create an impressive, professional first impression. 

How DigiCard attracted new prospects  

With DigiCard, Frankie could display his services on the phone of all his WhatsApp contacts. Furthermore, they could forward his DigiCard on to other people in their network to recommend him. 

Traditional paper business cards often get misplaced or lost and people rarely pass them on to others. "Word of mouth" referrals are the most effective way of endorsing a financial advisor. His DigiCard was so slick and professional that his existing clients shared it with their friends and family to recommend "their investment guy" to them.  

Frankie also enhanced his DigiCard with the CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool. This meant he could keep a close eye on exactly where in the conversion process his prospects are and not miss a single beat in delivering exceptional service to them. They were so impressed with his responsiveness and professionalism that they opted in for his free initial consultation and portfolio review. From there he was in his element and ready to sign-up his new clients and help them realise their long-term financial goals.  

Big-time benefits 

With DigiCard, Frankie could showcase his services in a professional and memorable manner. 

He loved that he was receiving a constant flow of new prospects with minimal effort. His DigiCard was so easy to distribute to people he was interacting with daily. From the clubhouse at the golf course to new acquaintances at his favourite breakfast spot after a Saturday morning out on his mountain bike. His phone started ringing and enquiring voices greeted him with "Hi Frankie, I got your DigiCard from so-and-so and was wondering if ..." Furthermore, some contacts would simply go ahead and book a free consultation with him directly from his DigiCard because they've already decided that they wanted him to review their portfolios. 

But wait, there's more ...  

This powerful little business card is also an incredibly affordable all-in-one digital marketing tool.

With the steady flow of new leads and converting them into new clients, Frankie was soon able to invest in content marketing to turn his DigiCard into the coolest mini mobile website. 

Soon he was adding landing pages to share the latest investment advice and update people with the latest pension fund and retirement annuity legislation. This amplified his authority and built trust with the people in his network. The CRM functionality ensured that he didn't miss a single client's birthday or follow-up call, or request for information from new prospects. He was also able to auto schedule emails with helpful advice and reminders to his network. Frankie was becoming the go-to-man in his niche of like-minded people.  

Frankie's competitive edge 

What more could a financial advisor ask for? Everything about DigiCard made Frankie's advisory services that much more competitive - it gave him the online presence that he needed, attracted new leads and professionalised his service levels. 

Frankie's DigiCard is currently building his financial advisory business at a steady pace and soon he'll be able to take more advisors under his wing and expand his practice as his portfolio is growing. He's appointed an accountant and administrative assistant so that he can focus on what he loves doing - closing deals with satisfied new clients. He's also collaborating with us (his digital marketing agency) about assisting him with a monthly social media schedule to stay at the forefront of the minds of his target audience.   

All this because of a mighty little DigiCard - a full lead funnel and thriving little advisory practice. Go check out the DigiCard here 

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