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How Cebile CEO empowered her sales force

March 09 2021 By Nadine Butcher

Meet Cebile CEO

Cebile is one of our customer avatars. We've looked into the future and predicted what would happen if she used our DigiCard. In this scenario, Cebile used this savvy marketing tool to empower her sales force to fill up their lead funnels with new prospects.

Cebile's home grown ambitions

Cebile started her own function coordination business after she was retrenched some years ago. She's also passionate about creating employment for talented individuals like herself. Unlike so many of her competitors she specialised in smaller boutique style functions. Mainly because she started out as a one-woman-show, little did she know it would set her up for the ideal niche market. She's passionate about planning and executing events that run like clockwork and leave her clients with heartfelt memories. Her attention to detail and unexpected ways of incorporating style and flair into every event leaves her clients delighted. She had established a great relationship with smaller venues, caterers, equipment hire, florists, photographers and decorating companies which enabled her to pull off breath-taking functions at the drop of a hat. As her business grew however, she got more involved in client liaison and events coordination and neglected her sales and marketing initiatives.

Due to COVID-19 she found herself in an ideal market. The demand for smaller functions, from weddings to memorial services have skyrocketed but nobody knew that she was the ideal service provider because her marketing wasn't up to scratch. Word of mouth referrals got the business ticking over, but it was time to capitalise on opportunities and expand her business. Furthermore, all Cebile's costing models, know-how and pricelists were in her head which meant she couldn't scale her business. She set out to hire some talented individuals and implemented the necessary systems and processes to support her business growth.

How DigiCard empowered her sales force

Cebile had her DigiCard designed to align with her corporate identity and brand look and feel. It was slick and professional with that dash of flair that encapsulated everything she did. She used the same design theme and arranged to have professional photographs taken of her sales team to set up their individual DigiCards. Her team could share available function dates, venues, price packages and even menu options on their DigiCards. It set a standard of professionalism which was so important to her target market.

Their DigiCards were easy to use and forward on to other people in their network, who could also pass it on to their friends or family who were interested in booking an event or small function.

She enhanced her sales team's DigiCards with the CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool. This meant they could keep a close eye on exactly where in the conversion process their prospects were and set reminders for additional info like venue specific costs that they needed to send to them. Their responsiveness and professionalism meant that her business projected one seamless professional image - from sales to event execution.  

A day to remember

With DigiCard, Cebile could showcase their services in a professional and memorable manner.

She updated their DigiCards with professional banner style photographs of recent events, and exquisite venues with fairy lights, candles and smiling faces. It inspired prospects of the possibilities for their own special events. Those who were on the fence about having a small gathering were won over and excited about sharing special memories with loved ones.

Taking it to the next level

We developed separate landing pages for the various events she offers - special birthdays, weddings, baby showers and funerals. Cebile could also showcase how her execution team go the extra mile to ensure proper sanitisation and how they follow COVID-safety procedures for peace of mind. By having specific landing pages for each event type, the ideal venue, decoration and theme could easily be showcased. Her sales skyrocketed and their events diary was filling up, with weekends booked up in advanced for multiple functions, the demand for shorter midweek events also started increasing and Cebile could afford to offer full-time employment to some talented caterers and baristas.

Cebile's Competitive Edge

What more could an Events Coordination Company ask for?

Everything about DigiCard made Cebile's business that much more competitive - it professionalised her service and empowered her sales team to sell more effectively. They have targeted marketing collateral for various function types and can easily produce detailed quotes and package options.

We're now collaborating with Cebile to use online targeted ads to reach a greater audience. Her sales team are doing some social listening to target people who are recently engaged with wedding packages. It's also easy to target by age to plan special events for 40th or 50th birthday parties.

All this because of a mighty little DigiCard - an empowered sales team and fast-growing events company that can afford to employ more talented individuals. Go check out the DigiCard at digicards4biz

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