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How Harriet Maximised Her Brand Awareness

June 30 2021 By Anna Dedekind

Meet Harriet the Home-Industry Innovator

Harriet is one of our customer avatars. We've looked into the future and predicted what would happen if she used our DigiCards4Biz product. In this scenario, Harriet used DigiCard and Whatsapp to increase her business's brand awareness in a matter of weeks.

Harriet's innovative ideas

Harriet worked for a well-established catering company that was known for turning any event into a feast celebration. But then COVID-19 came around and the party was no more. Lockdown put a halt on group gatherings, weddings, and business functions, and left the catering company with no other option but to close its doors.

One afternoon, after teaching her seven your old son how to do long division Harriet had an epiphany. Surely there were other moms and dads who were exhausted from juggling their own careers, teaching their childrens' school curriculums, then having to cook and clean, all whilst mourning the fact of not being able to go out for a meal at their local restaurant? And so, Harriet's Hearty Homestyle Meals was born. Her own catering business serving delicious family-style meals to hungry South Africans, right on their doorstep.

However, Harriet found herself in a pickle. Who would oversee the marketing of her business whilst she was cooking up a storm every day? Her husband was swamped with Zoom meetings and her nephew had to assist with the late-afternoon food deliveries. And would her business even take-off considering everyone was stuck at home and nobody knew about it? Here's what happened next...

How DigiCard put Harriet's Hearty Homestyle Meals on the map

Once she found out about DigiCard there was no turning back for Harriet. We helped her create an inviting new logo and background theme that represented the warmth and rustic feel of her brand. A separate section, displaying her weekly menu and accompanying meal prices was also added. DigiCard's adaptive features worked perfectly with her rotating menu, which meant that Harriet could easily add the new menu products at the start of each week. She also decided to make use of our gallery feature and took mouth-watering photographs of her meals that would be attached as separate images.

To make things even sweeter, we added an order form to her DigiCard, so that the regulars who preferred to place their orders early in the week could do so. This not only kept her customers satisfied, but allowed Harriet to be on top of her game when it came to organising her ingredients, meal-planning, and the delivery schedule.

Suddenly, she was bringing home the bacon!

Harriet decided to send out her DigiCard via Whatsapp to both her and her husband's phone contact lists, in the hope that friends and family would send it off to their contacts. In a matter of weeks, a snowball effect was in action and orders were streaming in. Not only was Harriet's business venture the solution to many customers' lockdown exhaustion and dread of cooking, but by using her DigiCard smartly she was able to quickly build her business' brand awareness. It had fast become her nifty digital tool. Best of all was its affordability. It was proving to work like a bomb.  Now Harriet could focus on doing what she does best and leave her business' marketing to DigiCard's digital word of mouth.

What is a lasagne without the extra cheese?

To take things a step further we decided to create banner ads that would be added to Harriet's DigiCard on a once-a-month basis. By doing this, she was able to update her monthly food specials and keep her customers in the loop, so that they would not miss out on all the meal goodness. To ensure her brand awareness and customer engagement stayed on top of its game, Harriet started to include a fun twist. Once a week she added a live link that allowed customers to view a secret recipe which they could cook by themselves at home. Talk about a true brand experience!

DigiCard put the cherry on top of the cake

Harriet's lockdown home-industry venture really took off with the help of DigiCard. It ultimately was the solution to her marketing problems, as the nifty digital business card could inform people about her brand, whilst communicating all the necessary details about her meals to customers. Since partnering with DigiCard things are only looking upwards for Harriet.

She recently created a sub-brand, Harriet's Hearty Vegan Treats, and is in the process of creating a second DigiCard to promote this new addition to her catering brand. Who knows what the future will hold for Harriet? But we are incredibly pleased that DigiCard will be joining the journey to grow alongside her business.

If you are eager to achieve your business goals and follow the footsteps of Home-Industry Harriet, then make sure to visit our website and leave an enquiry: digicards4biz


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