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How Mpho Grew Her Practice

January 22 2021 By Nadine Butcher

Meet Mpho Medical Professional   

Mpho is one of our customer avatars. We've looked into the future and predicted what would happen if she used our DigiCard. In this scenario, Mpho used DigiCard and WhatsApp to draw new patients to her Physiotherapy practice.  

Mpho moves to greener pastures

Mpho was a small-town girl who was always passionate about helping people. When she had to accompany her Gogo to the physiotherapist for a sprained ankle she was mesmerised, and from that day on she knew what her vocation would be. She was a diligent medical student and graduated with flying colours. She moved to the city and started her own physiotherapy practice. The competition was rife however with many established practices that had more experienced physio's and regular patients phoning for appointments.  

She realised that new patients weren't simply going to come knocking on her door and she had to harness the power of networking and digital marketing to attract new patients. She had to find a way to promote her services professionally, with a tight marketing budget. She also had to build new relationships to gain trust and establish her reputation as a physio. She had a lot to prove. Being a fitness fanatic, she joined a local CrossFit box and cycling club. She was meeting a lot of new people each week, and many of them had niggly sports injuries. She knew she could help them improve their mobility. 

How DigiCard hit hard  

With her new DigiCard, Mpho could pass her contact details on to all her new friends in the fitness fraternity. She felt proud and at ease when she shared her DigiCard with people because it wasn't a "hard sell". Her new connections would check out her DigiCard on WhatsApp and say "Wow! This is great - oh you're a physio!" They also passed her DigiCard on to their friends that were struggling with sports injuries. Her DigiCard portrayed her friendly demeanour and professionalism - it really helped her to put her best foot forward.  

With her growing patient list Mpho could take the next step in her marketing investment and enhance her DigiCard with an appointment schedule. This meant that her new connections could book an appointment with her at a time that was convenient for them. They could access it directly from her DigiCard and loved how quick and easy it was to schedule time with her. This tool also meant that Mpho didn't need to hire a receptionist to take care of her bookings while she was working with her patients.  

Big-time benefits 

With DigiCard Mpho was able to promote her physio practice and save money at the same time. 
She loved seeing how her appointment schedule started filling up effortlessly. One of her friends who specialised in physiotherapy for new moms partnered with Mpho and joined her practice. Her DigiCard was set-up with the same look and feel to create a professional image for their practice. We designed a striking new logo for them which they incorporated in all their stationery. They shared the overhead expenses of the facilities Mpho was leasing which made her practice so much more profitable.   

But wait, there's more ...  

DigiCard is so much more than a digital business card, it's the perfect doorway to affordable online marketing. 
With Mpho's growing physiotherapy practice she was able to make a further investment to turn her DigiCard into a powerful mini mobile website.  

She added landing pages to share diagrams of stretches that people should do for different sports disciplines. This information sharing amplified her authority as a medical specialist.  Some of the cyclists realised that their lower-back pain was caused by shortening hamstrings as their quads developed stronger. Her preventative approach to sports injuries built trust with her network and soon they were sharing this valuable information with their friends in other cycling clubs which in turn strengthened her reputation as the go-to-physio for sports injuries.  

Mpho is fulfilling her destiny

She is realising her dream of helping people improve their mobility, fitness and quality of life. 
Everything about DigiCard helped Mpho put her physiotherapy practice on the map. It gave her the online presence that she needed, attracted new patients and helped her save money.  

Mpho and her partner have just renewed their DigiCards for another year. Their practice is growing steadily and they're hoping to partner with another physio who specialises in breathwork and improving lung capacity. With the additional income they'll be able to outsource their accounting services, which will also save Mpho a chunk of time. 

All this because of a mighty little DigiCard - helping many more people with a thriving physiotherapy practice. Go check out the DigiCard here 

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