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How Claudia Changed Her Marketing Tactics  

December 15 2020 By Nadine Butcher

Meet Claudia Executive Business Coach 

Claudia is one of our customer avatars. We've looked into the future and predicted what would happen if she used our DigiCard. In this scenario, Claudia used DigiCard to reach and expand her network via WhatsApp to gain new clients.  

Claudia's Challenge with Corporates  

Claudia was well-known in corporate circles for being an exceptional Executive Business Coach. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned over the corporate applecart during 2020. Claudia's business dried up overnight. 

There were no more speaking invitations or face-to-face coaching consultations at C-suite executive offices. Claudia needed to change tactics and do it fast. She always geared her marketing towards large businesses and now she had to target individuals who would make use of her services on their own dime. Her traditional workshops no longer seemed relevant. People were working from home, grappling with the challenges of new technology, additional admin and managing a virtual workforce that is Zoomed-out. Solution design and people management has turned into a minefield and Claudia suddenly felt that her old marketing messages were irrelevant.  

With staggering job-losses in the corporate sector many former executives have now completed their own coaching certifications and former clients became her new competitors in the same industries she targeted.  

How DigiCard raised eyebrows 

With DigiCard, Claudia could display her services on the phones of all her WhatsApp contacts in an impactful way. She rebranded her services to be more personalized and appealing to individuals. 

We helped her to establish a modern, fresh personal brand that helped people connect with her on a personal level. In no time her phone was buzzing with impressed, thumbs up emoji's in response to her DigiCard. Her connections were also forwarding her DigiCard on to other people in their networks to endorse her coaching services.  

Claudia received such a great response that she decided to enhance her DigiCard with the CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool. It helped her to nurture each new prospect with the right message at the right time. One by one they started scheduling individual coaching sessions with her and she could map out their development journeys and schedule more appointments.  

Big-time benefits 

With DigiCard, Claudia could raise awareness of her coaching services and leverage her network and personal brand revamp to reach a much larger audience. 

She loved her personal brand refresh and felt motivated and inspired to market her services more proactively. It also gave her renewed confidence in the value she delivers to her clients, many of whom were struggling to adapt to new ways of working and effective remote team leadership. She was distributing her DigiCard to new contacts daily as she refined her target audience. Instead of feeling irrelevant and desperate for new business she realised that people needed her, and she could help them navigate their way through the chaos they find themselves in as a result of the pandemic.  

But wait, there's more ...  

This powerful little business card is also an incredibly affordable all-in-one digital marketing tool.

Claudia realised that she simply didn't have enough hours in the day to meet with each individual. By now she had an in-depth understanding of the difficulties leaders were experiencing in leading remote teams, and she knew how to help them succeed. She decided to host an online webinar on the topic of remote team leadership.

She used her DigiCard to promote the event to all her contacts and we developed a landing page to help her facilitate the online registrations for her webinar. This saved her a chunk of time in administering the event and she could focus on perfecting her webinar content instead. 

Claudia's competitive edge 

What more could an executive coach ask for? Everything about DigiCard made Claudia's coaching services fresh and relevant. It gave her an online presence that she was proud of.

It motivated her to attract new clients instead of being overly reliant on corporates to fill her sales funnel. It filled up her webinar and simplified the administrative process for her significantly. She was working smarter, not harder. 

Claudia's DigiCard is rapidly building her executive coaching business. She's developing new content for webinars that will cover other hot topics in business leadership today. We're collaborating with her to finalize her new website where she can promote her online webinars and workshops further.  

All this because of a mighty little DigiCard - a personal brand revamp and webinars filling up. Go check out the DigiCard here 

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