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How Bongani Put the Groove Back in His Business

November 05 2020 By DigiCards4Biz

Bongani Business Owner

Meet Bongani Business Owner

Bongani is one of our customer avatars. We've looked into the future and predicted what would happen if he used our DigiCard. In this scenario, Bongani salvages his traditional retail business by using Whatsapp and DigiCard to build a network of customers and a new pipeline of sales at minimal cost.

Bongani's budget challenge

Bongani urgently needed a big-time online presence, but he only had a small-time budget.

He ran quite a thriving little business before COVID-19 selling awesome products to young urbanites. Then lockdown hit town and trading stopped. His business took a big knock. But Bongani is a go-getter and, above all, else he is a resourceful entrepreneur, so in the second month of lockdown he was ready to put a new line of goods online for a wider market. With zero capital and unstable cashflow, Bongani decided to set up shop on Facebook as a temporary measure.

He did what any self-respecting entrepreneur would do in a pandemic and kicked into survival-of-the-fittest gear. Soon, he realised he needed to appear more professional than his Facebook product page alone.

How DigiCard saved his business

With DigiCard, Bongani could display his shop front on the phone of every contact and customer.

DigiCard was the answer to all his problems. First off, it replaced the paper business card, which he was pleased about right off the bat - no more paper wastage and the digital version made much more sense now that he and his small sales team were operating mostly online. They could send their slick DigiCards easily via Whatsapp - where they did most of their negotiating and closed most of their deals - and in an instant the potential customer would receive it and save to their contacts.

All-in-One Marketing ToolBig-time benefits

With DigiCard, Bongani could showcase his products and share customer feedback.

He attached his zooty business profile to his DigiCard. He loved that he could show off new products and highlight special promotions all in a quick upload. When he received some compliments from his regulars, he loaded them as testimonials for other customers to read. He even got around to making a cool video with his phone about the benefits of his new product line and loaded it onto his DigiCard.

But wait, there's more ...

This powerful little business card is also an incredibly affordable all-in-one digital marketing tool

With the money he saved in his small-time budget, Bongani was able to pay marketing content pros to turn his DigiCard into the coolest mini mobile website.

Soon he was adding landing pages to tempt customers with his specials and hottest new arrivals. He could save their contact details to a mini CRM system. He then was able to schedule news and emails to go out automatically to them. He started to come up with some great campaigns to target his various markets, which he easily launched from his phone via DigiCard. He was flying.

Bongani's competitive edge

What more could a business in sales ask for?!

Everything about DigiCard made Bongani's business that much more competitive - it gave his brand the online presence it so badly needed, it attracted more customers and it made him look good.

Bongani's DigiCard is currently building his small online business so quickly that he will be employing two more salespeople within the next month and he is now talking to the digital marketing agency (that's us, by the way) about building him a stylish eCommerce website - a virtual experience of unadulterated shopping therapy for his customers.

All this because of a mighty little DigiCard - a sussed business and marketing tool for the new times.

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